FAQ - Banner Exchange

What is Banner Exchange?

AdHov.com is Network where partιcipatιng sites display banners ads in exchange for (Impressions & Clicks) credιts which are converted into ads to be displayed on other sites in AdHov Network.

The Adhov concept behind a banner exchange is “I will show your Banner ads on my website in exchange for getting to show my Banner ads on your web site free.”

Banner exchange networks is Free. Members of large banner exchanges have the potential for their Banner ads to be shown on thousands of other sites. Also, unlike simple link swaps, which are often hard-coded directly to a page, banner exchange networks allow rotation of ads in many different sites,
points allow you to display your banner ads on other sites in the AdHov network. The amount of (Impressions & Clicks) credιt earned is a factor of how many banners are displayed on your site and the exchange rate. A 1:1 exchange rate means that for every Banner ad shown on your site, a credιt is earned to have your banner shown on another members site.